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System of integrated management

Since 2005 Company VUM, a.s. Quality Management System is certified according to ISO 9001, Environmental Management System according to STN EN ISO 14001 and occupational safety and health management system corresponding to OHSAS 18001.

Main mission of VUM, a.s. is customer orientation aimed to fulfil requested and supposed customer requirements by using ecological, safe and economical production procedures.

POLICIES on quality, environment protection, occupational safety and health by VUM, a. s.

VUM, a.s. is a producer of calcined anthracite, carbon materials, but the company as well provides a wide scale of supporting processes and its basic strategic objective is aimed on a constant improvement of quality of its products, finding more environment-friendly solutions and increasing occupational safety and health.

To meet those objectives we apply the following principles:
- accomplishment of customer’s satisfaction by observing his requirements on product quality by ensuring the maximal environment protection and occupational safety and health,
- to meet the legislative and other requirements on the field of quality management, environment protection and occupational safety and health,
- to communicate and cooperate with government a and municipal bodies which are responsible for verifying the fulfillment of requirements in the area of quality management, environment protection and occupational safety and health,
- to provide objective information to all interested parties, interest groups and vicinity about the company’s strategy, policies, objectives and achievements,
- continuous improvement of the quality management system, environment protection and occupational safety and health by implementing corrective and precautionary measures and improvement programs,
- performing of systematic training and motivation of our employees, thus increasing their awareness of safe and quality work, with consideration of the environment within all processes,
- to use minimising of the negative environmental impacts by reducing the amount of produced waste, waste recycling, prevention of air, water and soil pollution for enhancing the company’s image,
- the company commits itself that the policies and goals are well documented, published, sustained, implemented and their suitability is being regularly verified.

efficacy of the Integrated Management System within all processes.


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Company VUM, a.s. has since 2005 certified Quality Managements System, system of occupational safety and environment.