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Anode paste

Söderberg-type anode paste is made from calcined petroleum coke or calcined pitch coke and electrode grade coal tar pitch.

The anode paste is intended for the production of Söderberg (self-baking) anodes, which are used in aluminium reduction cells.

Product shape and size:

Solid granules with:
32 - 45 mm in diameter, length of max. 250 mm

Solid blocks with dimensions:
2030 x 850 x 850 mm and 1510 x 720 x 870 mm


  • granules are loaded in bulk or packed in big-bags
  • blocks are loaded in bulk

Technical specification:

Ash content % (max)0,70,60,3
Plasticity %50 - 7040 - 7015 - 30
Compressive strength MPa (min)252525
Resistivity µΩm (max)807878
Porosity %(max)273232

If required, other values of parameters might be agreed upon.

Anode paste



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